As things start to normalise again in Cape Town, Taxi mother body, Santaco says it only received the termination notice of the Blue Dot Programme at the eleventh hour.

The council withheld the taxi service over the past two days in protest.

It’s unhappy that the incentive programme will come to an end next week Wednesday, 30 November.

The Western Cape says it met on several occasions with the leadership and informed it that the programme will not be extended, due to a lack of funding.

But Santaco’s Nceba Enge says they only heard the sad news recently.

“We were only made aware of the programme that it will be terminated and therefore all vehicles should be by the December 1 for decommission. This means that all the system that has been installed will be removed”.

Meanwhile, the taxis have resumed operations on Wednesday morning.

But Santaco is set to meet again to discuss the way forward.