The SA National Civic Organisation (SANCO) says the City of Cape Town is dragging its feet about relocating Imizamo Yethu shack dwellers.

The comment follows another blaze in the coastal suburb on Sunday.

The fire claimed the life of one person and left hundreds of people homeless.

The informal settlement has seen a number of devastating fires over the past years.

These tend to affect large numbers of people because their homes are so close together.

SANCO believes the latest one was caused by a stove being left on by one resident during a power blackout

In September last year, the land was earmarked to accommodate the residents.

SANCO chairperson, Samkelo Krweqe, says the City must expedite the process.

“We are living in shacks [that are] too close to each other. Because we don’t have a space where we can live. And with the piece of land that has been given, they have not managed to put houses on that piece of land. We have been waiting for the government to sort that out, but they have not done. The unfortunate part is that we are in one spot because we are still waiting for that area to be built. Not everyone will qualify, but those [that will] at least will bring a bit of a remedy.”


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