Salberau residents in Elsies River are calling on the City of Cape Town to approve the building of a wall that is aimed at keeping criminals out of the area.

The 2.1m wall which is incomplete, has been erected in an alleyway between Salberau and Epping Forest.

Residents say they submitted an application to ward coucillor, Christopher Jordaan and the City of Cape Town to get permission to build the wall.

But they didn’t receive any feedback.

The chairperson of Salberau’s Neighbourhood Watch Paul Franse, says the wall is incomplete because Law Enforcement instructed them to stop building.

“The community wants the City to completely close those passages so there won’t be any entrance and exit from both sides. There’s a way out to Epping Forest and the factory area for workers. Even our people who are working in those factories agreed that those passages must be closed they’re being robbed when it’s dark in those all alleyways”.

But Jordaan, says the residents didn’t follow due process when building the wall there.

He also told HeartFM News that an application for that wall was never submitted.

As a result, residents took matters into their own hands.

Currently, the wall is unfinished, due to Law Enforcement’s intervention.

Jordaan says residents must follow the proper procedures.

“The community must go to the City’s property department and get the necessary documents. If they don’t want to do that, I can assist them so that they start with the process”

He added that an assessment conducted by transport engineers suggested that the alleyway should remain open and unobstructed.

Law Enforcement spokesperson. Wayne Dyason, says they engaged with the residents who indicated they would apply to have the wall erected.

He said no further action will be taken pending the outcome of the application.