The South African Human Rights Commission says it’s investigating the apparent racist incident at Stellenbosch University.

This relates to the incident where a student urinated on the belongings of another student at the Huis Marais residence.

The Commission’s Andre Gaum says it has received two complaints about the incident on Monday.

Gaum says, on the face of it, it does appear that the affected student’s rights have been violated.

But says all the facts need to be determined first.

“If there’s a finding of violation human rights then we will issue directives or recommendations. The commission is also attempting to get hold of the affected student. We also call on him and other potential witnesses to come forward and make contact with the commission, and assist us with the investigation”.

Meanwhile, several student organisations at Maties are planning a meeting aimed at addressing an anti-black culture at the university.

This “Rally for Racism” is set to take place on Thursday.

At the same time, Stellenbosch University has confirmed that it is currently investigating another alleged racist incident on campus.

According to the institution the incident occurred at the law dance when racist remarks were allegedly made toward a female student last week Thursday.

The university says authorities have met the affected student, and she has been helped in the process of reporting the matter to the university’s equality unit.