The South African Human Rights Commission has called on the City of Cape Town bosses to find lasting solutions on matters involving land and housing.

The commission’s comment follows a victory against the City in the Western Cape High Court, last week.

The court found -a series of demolitions and evictions that took place in 2020, were unlawful and unconstitutional.

But the municipality says it’s planning to appeal some aspects of the ruling related to evictions.

The court found the City to have wrongly applied the counter spoliation when it ordered demolitions and eviction.

According to the directorate for Safety and Security, around 159 informal settlements were established during the height of the national lockdown.

Commissioner Chris Nissen says court cases are the last resort for them to force one sphere of government to do its work.

“The Human Rights Commission takes no joy to be in court with any organ of state, because we have to deal with these matters as different levels of government without going to court. We will continue to work with the City and avoid going to court”.