An activist for farmworkers’ rights has raised concerns about the Western Cape Rural Safety Summit.

The two-day programme is taking place in Rawsonville, in the Cape Winelands, and is being spearheaded by the provincial Department of Community Safety.

Its stated aim is to identify ways to prevent violent crime and murders in the agriculture sector.

Activist, Billy Claasen, says he welcomes all crime-fighting efforts by the government.

But he’s worried that the event is prioritising certain groups.

“This government is very selective in who they invite, because they are scared for confrontation and/or criticism on their plans. I strongly believe it gives too much power to so-called farm watch groups. In the past, they could not fund neighbourhood watch groups but all of sudden they have money for this all-out white groups.”

He adds that farmers and farmworkers should be treated equally.


Image: Facebook/Minister Reagan Allen