Former Cederberg Mayor, Ruben Richards, says he is not surprised by his removal from the top post.

He was ousted during a motion of confidence last week.

It follows a probe into misconduct allegations, related to a questionable property deal.

The leader of the Cederberg First Residents Association has denied these allegations.

“It’s to be expected if you are doing the kind of clean-up work that I am doing, as the executive mayor. Then, of course, people will want to get rid of you. Now, it’s ironic that I get accused of fraud and corruption when I am trying to clean up what I have inherited.”

The DA’s William Farmer has been elected as the new mayor.

While Richards’ ousting was expected, Farmer gained the mayor’s chair thanks to a vote from another Resident’s Association councillor.

The Patriotic Alliance’s Wentzel Van Neel is now deputy mayor, and the ANC’s Maxwell Heins is Speaker.