An investigation into the death of two people, who participated in a protest in Bishop Lavis, continues.

They were allegedly shot dead by police officers during a demonstration over power cuts over the weekend.

The incident happened on Sunday evening.

The protestors apparently threw stones at passing vehicles and set alight municipal infrastructure.

Police watchdog, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) says some of the demonstrators allegedly opened fire on the police who were deployed to the scene to restore calm.

Spokesperson Phaladi Shuping says the members retaliated.

“Members fired rubber and live rounds towards the protesters. Its is also alleged that shots were fired from the crowd towards the police officers. The Restore Unit and Pops members also arrived and assisted. At a later stage Law Enforcement and Metro Police also arrived to assist. One  man died on the scene, and the other one died at Elsies River Hospital and six  people were allegedly injured. The matter is investigated by IPID”.

Meanwhile calm has been restored in Bishop Lavis, following riots, which claimed two lives.

Bishop Lavis Community policing forum’s Graham Lindhorst says people can embark on strike.

But must do so responsibly and within the confines of the law.

“We ask people when you arrange things like that please stay in charge and stay ahead of the people so that you can steer them as well as their anger. I believe its anger that drove them to do what they’ve done on Sunday. I also believe that there’s a criminal element on Sunday”.