A Kensington ward councillor says it’s unlikely that shack dwellers in the area will get the services they are demanding.

Helen Jacobs was reacting to the recent protests along a section of Voortrekker Road on Monday.

Residents of informal dwellings in areas referred to as Gate 7, Gate 9, and Olympic Park want electricity and ablution facilities.

Jacobs says she has been meeting regularly with the Ndabeni Communal Property Trust – which owns the land – and notes that the trustees are in discussion on what to do with it.

According to Jacobs, engaging with the trust is the extent of what the City can do.

“This is just their frustration around… waiting so long and not getting proper answers – which I understand. However, from our side as the City, there’s not very much that we can do. I, as much as I can, stay in touch with the trust and the role-players so that we can always update the people.”

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