PRASA says it’s started making inroads to recover operational services on Metrorail’s Central Line.

This statement follows an oversight visit by Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula, and PRASA officials last week.

The agency says services between Cape Town and Langa via Mutual are operational,

While the line from Cape Town to Langa via Pinelands is 90% ready for recovery.

PRASA says the process to relocate illegal settlements on the rail tracks is underway.

The agency has until end of July to move the residents of the Siyahla informal settlement to an alternative piece of land.

National spokesperson Andiswa Makanda says the project is being led by the Human Development Agency.

“As part of the Phase 1 of the recovery programme. We have put in place an integrated security plan to safeguard and protect our infrastructure. Plans have also been put in place to prevent further encroachment on our rail reserve. PRASA is rebuilding the damaged rail network corridor-by-corridor, track-by-track”.