Police union, the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) in the Western Cape, is calling on government to expedite the classification of police killings – as treason.

This comment follows the recent attacks on SAPS members in Cape Town.

Last week Wednesday, Sergeant Adion William Mahoney  Manoney was shot and killed in Atlantis.

At the time, the 44-year-old and his partner were responding to a domestic violence complaint.

On Monday, a constable was shot and wounded in Kensington.

The  34-year-old officer and his colleague were busy with patrol operations when suspects opened fire on them.

The member was admitted to a local hospital in a serious condition

Two suspects aged 21 and 26 are detained for further questioning while the third one is yet to be arrested.

Popcru’s Pat Raolane says those convicted of cop killings, must be given life sentences.

“Anybody that attacks a police official must understand he won’t just serve five years or ten years. But he will serve a life sentence. A life sentence is not the one categorised by correctional supervision or service, it means a real-life sentence.

He adds that local police stations are under-resourced, and these attacks on cops are worsening the issue.

“In Cape Town, in terms of our operations [police-to-population ratio], one police officer for 200 people or community members. But in our case, it is above that.  Once you rob us [community] one officer it means plus or minus 500 to 600 people don’t have a protector”.


Picture: Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union