Police union, POPCRU, is calling for a crime indaba to address the recent spate of attacks on police officers in Cape Town.

The union has voiced its disappointment, at what it believes, is a lacklustre attitude toward rooting out the problem.

Last week, an off-duty police officer was shot dead in Samora Machel.

And just a week earlier four cops were shot and wounded in Khayelitsha and Nyanga in two separate attacks.

POPCRU’s Pat Rawulane says a meeting of minds is imperative.

“We must really meet as the people of South Africa, especially in the Western Cape, because [there’s] a lot of police officers that are killed – the only thing that is wanted from them is a firearm. What is so difficult to make something similar to what is happening in a car, similar to a cellular phone, to a firearm? So that whoever take that firearm from a police officer, it can be traced.”


Image: Facebook/Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union-POPCRU