Passenger Rail Agency, Prasa was on the verge of financial collapse during the past financial year.

That’s according to a leaked report by the Auditor General which showed that the entity incurred a loss of 1.7 billion rand.

The Democratic Alliance made these revelations at a media briefing yesterday.

The DA’s Shadow Minister for Transport, Manny de Freitas says PRASA is in a heap of trouble.

Trains: We’ve had yet another train fire – this time at the Koeberg station. This fire broke out just after 10 on Tuesday morning.

In the last few months, we’ve had several of these kind of incidents and what is making things even more tricky for the officials is that it appears to be very random at this stage.

We saw train coaches on fire at Cape Town station not too long ago which severely hamstrung the service. There were also a few incidents along the Southern line.

33 people have been nabbed so far on various charges including arson, cable theft and malicious damage to property.

Pik Botha and the old South African flag