Opposition parties in the Western Cape Legislature want the police’s management to shed more light on the destruction of seized firearms.

On Tuesday, the South African Police Services (SAPS) did not want to disclose operations related to transporting confiscated guns to Gauteng, where they are destroyed.

These details include the number of firearms found and how much is being spent to transport them.

The SAPS says this is highly confidential information.

Members of the opposition, therefore, want the police’s top brass to appear in camera to divulge those details.

The ACDP’s Ferlon Christians says he’s disappointed that he didn’t get more information.

“We did not receive how many weapons are confiscated, how it’s being transported to Pretoria – but I do understand that you cannot disclose this information to the public because of security reasons. The committee will engage the South African Police Services very shortly, a meeting in camera.”