While police are still searching for a missing eight-year-old, police have confirmed that a Chinese woman who was kidnapped at a liquor store in Bellville last month has been found.

The Western Cape branch of the national police force says the woman was released, but her kidnappers have not yet been found.

In another kidnapping case, there is still no sign of eight-year-old Abirah Dekhta.

The child was snatched by two armed men, while making her way to school, in Gatesville last Friday.

Speaking on behalf of her family, Ramzan Mian says the little girl returned to school that day after she was sick for a few days.

He says they’re extremely worried.

“The whole community is very scared, and making dua and crying. The whole family, how are they surviving? They can’t sleep, they can’t eat, they’re just sitting crying.”