Police have launched an investigation after an off-duty police officer, and his friend were shot dead in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

The victims were killed in Site C on Friday.

The deceased was stationed at the Cape Town Central Police Station.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie, says the motive behind the attack is unknown at this stage.

“Khayelitsha SAPS opened a double murder case to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of two men in their mid-thirties of whom one is reported to be a police official. Both succumbed to gunshot wounds to their bodies in hospital. The motive for these killings is subject to ongoing investigation”.

Meanwhile, Police Oversight and Community Safety MEC, Reagen Allen is calling for the swift arrest of the suspects who killed the off-duty police officer.

The incident came ahead of the commemoration of National Police Day on Saturday.

At least seven off-duty officers have been killed between July and September 2023.

Allen says he’s worried about the ongoing killing of police members.

“ It is particularly sad that we had to lose another officer of the law in this manner. The National Police Day,  should be one of the reflections on why SAPS members became officers of the law, while also recognising the contribution they are making to serving and protecting us and being champions of the law”.