A Khayelitsha ward councillor says he’s yet to see any construction of a police station in Makhaza.

The police ministry promised to build temporary police facilities in the crime-ridden community earlier this year, and that was meant to commence on Tuesday, 1 November.

But according to Makhaza ward councillor, Lucky Mbiza, not a single construction vehicle or worker has been on site.

“The disappointment I am feeling right now, because I think from last week, I’ve been looking for answers from the office of the [Police] Minister… But I didn’t get any feedback or any answers. The community’s asking me: ‘but councillor, today’s the first of November, what is happening?’ And I’m saying to [them] there is nothing I can say.”

Khayelitsha residents will no doubt expect answers from the police, as they’ve voiced their concerns about escalating crime levels in the area.


Image: Facebook/South African Police Service