Advocacy group, the Homeless Action Coalition says it’s ready to defend its members ahead of eviction notices to remove people residing on the streets of Cape Town.

Eviction notices are to be served at unlawful occupation hotspots along Buitengracht Street, FW De Klerk Boulevard, Foregate Square, Taxi Rank and Foreshore, Helen Suzman Boulevard, Strand Street, Foreshore / N1, Virginia Avenue and Mill Street Bridge in the city.

The City was granted an interim court order to carry out evictions of those illegally occupying some intersections in the CBD.

The final order is expected to be heard in April.

The Homeless Action Coalition chairperson, Ndodana Hadebe says they were not consulted about the move.

“Definitely will follow up on the streets to gather their details and we’re going to defend them. We are not saying they shouldn’t leave where they stay [streets], because if they’re in the wrong place then the City must take responsibility and give them an alternative, but not shove them into those shelters and other spaces. Because those spaces are temporary”.

The municipality says the people have rejected its offers for help.

But Hadebe the municipality doesn’t want to engage them about the actual reason the people turn down its assistance.

“We need to identify the homeless people, and which stages they’re at. If not it’s going that way, it will get bigger because society isn’t getting it right. The city must engage us and sit down with the stakeholders”.