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NGO, Action Society, wants acting provincial traffic chief, Farrell Payne, to be suspended over sexual harassment charges.

The comment comes as the trial against Payne will start next week.

Payne – who is out on bail – is accused of sexually harassing a colleague in 2020.

He’s facing charges of sexual assault, crimen injuria, and an attempt to commit a sexual act.

Last year, the Department of Transport and Public Works cleared him of wrong doing during the disciplinary hearing.

Action Society spokesperson, Ian Cameron, says Payne is facing serious charges.

“Someone – especially in the position that he is in, that has to uphold law and order – that is charged with something like sexual harassment, should be suspended immediately. It’s unfair to the victim, who is now afraid of going back to work, […] that the accused can carry on working without any form of suspension. It is not up to the traffic department to determine whether there is prima facie evidence or not.”

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