The Western Cape Government has given the green light to the City of Cape Town’s amended Traffic By-laws.

The legislation is aimed at taking harsh action against those transgressing motorists.

It includes broader powers to impound the cars of errant motorists.

Those include illegal street racers – and taxi operators who don’t obey the rules

Taxis are included in a rule prohibiting any public transport vehicle from stopping anywhere not specifically demarcated as a stop for that kind of public transport.

Another controversial provision is that e-hailing vehicles will be forced to display tags identifying them as such.

Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith says law enforcement and traffic officials must still undergo further training.

“This new by-law now adds improved enforcement mechanisms, including that of instant vehicle impoundment. Once finalized, our various enforcement services will receive further training on how to fully utilize all aspects of this new legislation. Affected communities who have long since been calling for improved enforcement can rest assured that such relief can be welcomed within the near future”.