The Cederberg Municipality has seen a surprising shake-up in its political leadership.

The DA’s William Farmer has been elected as the new mayor.

He replaces the leader of the Cederberg First Residents Association, Dr Ruben Richards.

Richards was removed during a motion of no confidence on Wednesday , over allegations of misconduct related to a questionable property deal.

His ousting was expected – but Farmer gained the mayor’s chair thanks to a vote from another Resident’s Association councillor.

The Patriotic Alliance’s Wentzel Van Neel is now deputy mayor – and the ANC’s Maxwell Heins is Speaker.

But Farmer says he’s not formed any long-term agreement with the ANC and PA.

“ I don’t work with anybody. I was nominated by the council and accepted the nomination”.

Farmer says the council will initiate a task team to probe the allegations against Richards more deeply.

“ We have appointed five councillors to investigate the matter and report to the council in 14 days. Thereafter we will draft recommendations to Local Government MEC Anton Bredell. We hope that the investigation will be concluded before the end of  August”.