Stellenbosch University says the student involved in a racially-motivated incident has been suspended.

On Sunday morning, a white student was filmed urinating in the dorm room of a student of colour.

The video, that has since circulated far and wide on social media, sparked massive anger among students on campus.

They subsequently then held a demonstration in front of the Huis Marais student residence on Monday, where the incident took place.

The university says it condemns the “destructive, hurtful and racist incident”, noting that it undermines what the university stands for.

It added that the affected student was offered counselling.

Nina Hugo, of Stellenbosch’s United Nations Association of South Africa, says this incident points to a bigger issue of racism.

“There’s much bigger problem of racism on our campus and is a problem that every generation needs to re-address and re-frame in the way that works for them. There’s a need to be much bigger and broader discussion on racism and how it’s so entrenched and systematic on our campus.”