Macassar residents say they continue to live in fear as the area has now become known as a dumping site for bodies.

The bodies of three men and a woman were discovered in the area, over the past week.

Three of them were found dumped along Macassar Road.

The most recent incident occurred at Sandvlei on Saturday, where a man’s body was in a field near a horse racing club.

Residents say the criminals dump bodies there because of the prolonged power cuts in the suburb.

For months, they’ve taken to the streets demanding solutions to the problem.

The Community Policing Forum’s Russel Williams says the victims are from other areas.

“Information we received from the police, the victims are not from Macassar, and no one has come forward to claim the bodies or provide any information. We urge people to share information if you one someone is missing and contact the police”.

The residents say they are worried about the safety of their families.

” This is traumatising for use, we have kids living here, and we have women living here. To have these incidents it’s not on. We have a lot of people using Macassar Road, those who are going to work or hospital”, said a resident.

Another one said, ” If they’re [victims] not from Macassar, who murdered those people and dumped them there. Why is the police not informing the community to be on the lookout as people are being killed”.