The Ravensmead community says it’s shocked by the shoot-out between law enforcement agencies and alleged gang members.

A police sergeant had a bullet graze his head while a LEAP officer was wounded in his leg on Friday.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says they have arrested ten people on charges of attempted murder and public violence.

‚ÄúRavensmead Saps registered two counts of attempted murder, attack on police, public violence as well as Intimidation following an altercation earlier between police and disgruntled members of the community over liquor which was earlier confiscated during a crime combatting operation conducted by the local police. The liquor was found abandoned in an ally in Ravensmead. Members have arrested 10 suspects, men aged between 20 and 54, in connection with the mentioned charges. They are currently being processed and will appear in the Bellville Magistrates’ Court once charged. More arrests are not excluded”.

The Ravensmead Community Policing Forums’ Johannes Bastian says the violence was apparently sparked by the police’s decision to confiscate alcohol…

“‘ They (the group) bought liquor I’m not sure where but the liquor was confiscated by the police. They tried to negotiate with the police, but the police refused, as they were there to uphold the law.¬† We tried to intervene before the big violence started. But then the stone-throwing, shooting happened as we tried to deal with the situation before it got out of hand, but we’re too late unfortunately”.