Law enforcement officers will remain in Manenberg following a spate of suspected gang-related attacks.

Two people were gunned down on Tuesday in two separate attacks.

It happened on the day of Abdullah Boonzaaier’s funeral after he was murdered over the weekend.

Boonzaaier was the son – of slain former Hard Livings gang leader – Rashied Staggie.

Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security  JP Smith  says they’re assisting the police in the area.

“ The problem of course there’re multiple hotspots you are compelled to respond to, and it’s an area that’s persistent gang flare-ups. We have our Reaction Unit from LEAP that is mobile. Our Gang & Drug Task Team along with our Tactical Response Unit have deployed all available resources to support the SAPS AGU in bringing calm to the area”.

Some Manenberg residents have welcomed the deployment of police and law enforcement officers to the gang-stricken suburb.

The Manenberg Community Policing Forum’s Vernon Visagie says the situation remains tense.

“We welcome any form of help and we plead for any form of help, from SAPS, Cape Town Law Enforcement as well as the community”.