A memorial service held in honour of slain organised crime detective, Charl Kinnear, has been centered around celebrating the men and women in blue.

The service was held in Bishop Lavis on Sunday, two years after he was assassinated in front of his home.

“This day, we’re going to celebrate all our men and women in blue. Those that have been lost in the line of duty. Those that might have been injured. Those that are also currently still actively working. Our members are bleeding out there, mentally and physically.” – Nicolette Kinnear, Charl Kinnear’s wife.

Kinnear was tasked with investigating numerous gang and underworld-related crimes.

His phone is believed to have been tracked for several months before he was killed, allegedly by one of the men who has been implicated in his murder, Zane Killian.

Another accused in the matter is alleged underworld figure Nafiz Modack — who authorities believe ordered the hit on Kinnear’s life.

Nicolette says they’re continuing to keep a close eye on the court case.

Graham Lindhorst, from the Bishop Lavis Community Policing Forum, says they will not be deterred by the delays in court.


Image: Facebook/Nicolette Kinnear

*This article was updated to include further comment.