The young boy kidnapped in Kensington this week, has been reunited with his family.

Six-year-old Shanawaaz Asghar was snatched outside his home on Wednesday, as he was preparing to go to school.

It’s alleged that a group of six people approached his father, pulled out guns, and then abducted the little boy.

Police had since been searching for the boy and the people believed to be involved.

Community Safety and Police Oversight MEC, Reagan Allen, says he’s happy Shanawaaz is back with his family.

“I’ve been informed by the SAPS that the young child was reunited with his family late last night. The boy and family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers as they work through this very traumatic experience. I’d like to thank those who have played a role in the return of the boy.”

While the boy has been reunited with his family, the suspects are yet to be arrested.


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