Kidnapped Gerco van Deventer’s family in Swellendam, say they welcome the support from people calling for his release.

Thousands of people gathered at Pelican Park over the weekend, calling for van Deventer to be freed.

The paramedic was kidnapped while working in Libya in November 2017.

Last week, a video of van Deventer was released showing him pleading for his freedom, as he’s being held captive in Mali.

His wife, Shereen says the support means a lot to her family.

“I can’t put in words really how amazed I am that the amount of things that have happened and taken place in a short period of time. The amount of people who showed their compassion prayed with us, and reached out to us and said they’re standing with us in the situation.

She admits that it’s been a difficult period, but Shereen says they’ve pulled together as a family.

‚ÄúThat was an important thing for us, at least for me to get the family together and help support each other. Just be there, talk about it, remember, reminisce about Gerco and the likes, that was important. It’s been difficult but we had each other”.