The women of Site C in Khayelitsha, Cape Town are living in fear following the murder of a teenage girl and the rape of two churchgoers in the area.

The community held a peaceful march and a prayer session on Saturday.

It was organised by the ward councillor, Khayalethu Kama, various faith-based organisations, community safety structures, and police.

13-year-old Thimna Kuze was raped and murdered while at a sleepover in her friend’s home, in March.

And two women were robbed and sexually assaulted inside the Shower of Blessings Zion Church in Taiwan, on Easter Sunday.

Their alleged perpetrators remain behind bars.

Kama says local women are shattered by these recent incidents.

“People are traumatised, and people have scares that are yet to be healed. Some of the people are yet to come out and raise their issues. Our community is broken into pieces and we need more programmes like that”.