The Kalk Bay community in Cape Town has welcomed the decision to stop the ongoing construction that has been encroaching on public tidal pools.

The City took the decision following a massive outcry from local residents.

On Saturday 2nd of April, a group of people picketed outside the Brass Bell Restaurant for the second time in the space of a week.

According to reports, PRASA owns the land which is leased to the owner of that establishment, while the swimming pools belong to the City.

The community is accusing the owner of extending a wooden deck over the area near the tidal pools, without the relevant approvals.

It’s not the first time the residents are complaining about the same issue.

In 2012, it’s understood that the owner made some extensions without following proper procedures as well.

Community activist, Traci Kwaai says the public amenity has been taken away from the residents.

“It’s difficult for the public to access the swimming pools. If you are travelling on a train coming from Cape Flats to use the swimming pools, you first have to walk through restaurant”.

This week PRASA, the City as well as the owner will meet to discuss the matter.

Kwaai says they also want to be part of that meeting.

“We want to be part of the meeting, because we live in Kalk Bay. We want to know how the land has been zoned. The members of the community want to enjoy the swimming pools without feeling that they’re trespassing”.

The Brass Bell Restaurant not responded to HeartFM News queries at the time of publication.