The increase in municipal tariffs and rates has left a sour taste in the mouths of Capetonians.

From today on, City of Cape Town customers will be paying 9.5% more for electricity, and a fairly similar figure will be expected from Eskom customers as well.

There has also been a spike in water (6.5%), sanitation (6.5%), and refuse collection (5%) tariffs.

While the City says it kept the increases as low as possible, community activist, Natasha Gertse, says Capetonians – and South Africans alike – are being brought to their knees.

“People are already suffering, they already living from hand to mouth. Provision is not being made for us. How can they just increase, on top of increases every time? We cannot afford this.”

According to Gerste, even wage increases aren’t doing much to remedy the situation.