Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis says he’ll fill the two vacancies in his mayoral committee soon.

At the moment, there are no political heads for the Water and Sanitation and Human Settlements directorates.

Zahid Badroodien stepped down following an investigation against him, for allegedly having tampered with electricity meters at a property that he owns.

But he was cleared of any wrongdoing last week.

And Malusi Booi was fired over fraud and corruption allegations against him.

Hill-Lews says he’s noted the outcome of the investigation into Badroodien.

” There’s still one step left in the process. The step is that Badroodien must still appeal the finding to Local Government MEC Anton Bredell, and the MEC must decide. I will wait for the process to really fully run its course and then apply my mind. It won’t be long now”.