The Good Party’s secretary-general, Brett Herron, says he won’t reveal the identity of the person who leaked information to him about the legal bills of a DA councillor.

Herron revealed that the Municipality has spent nearly R500 000 on the fraud and corruption case of Nora Grose.

It’s understood that public funds meant for food relief were diverted to a church that she’s linked to.

The City manager’s office informed the former Mayco Member about a forensic investigation launched into who disclosed the details to him.

And that he must provide the details.

He described plans by Lungelo Mbandazayo as a witch-hunt.

Herron says unfortunately, he can’t assist the City manager.

“I advised Mbandazayo to steer clear of political machinations in the DA-led City, and rather follow the prescripts of the law. You should advise the City’s political leadership that your administration is obliged to assist the HAWKS and NPA in their investigations, instead of defending the accused councillor, and that the Councillor should not be using public funds for her legal defence”.