The community of Heathfield says it’s disappointed with the plans to demote high school principal, Wesley Neumann.

In October last year, he was found guilty of six charges of misconduct — over his refusal to re-open the school during the Covid-19 peak in 2020.

He appealed that decision a month later.

But, former Education MEC Debbie Schäfer dismissed Neumann’s application last week.

She’s now given him the option to be deployed as Head of Department at one of three Cape Town schools.

He has until this Friday to make a decision.

The Heathfield High School Action Committee’s Brian Isaacs says Neumann must stay at the school.

“The department is a very vindictive department. They’re not a department that will sit down and speak out matters with principles. My advice to him – he’s got the support of the community – is to remain at the school.”

On Monday morning, a large number of pupils, teachers and parents were seen protesting outside the school, against the action taken against Neumann.


Image: Facebook