Western Cape health authorities say even with all remaining COVID-19 restrictions now gone, the elderly and those with flu-like symptoms should still mask up.

Last week Thursday, Cabinet repealed all the remaining COVID curbs which pertained to mask-wearing, gatherings and entering the country.

Medical doctors say mask-wearing has acted as another layer of protection against getting the coronavirus and should still be worked by vulnerable groups.

The Western Cape Health department’s Dr Saadiq Kariem says COVID is still with us.

“Recent data shows that although there continued to be new infections, we have had fewer admissions and deaths as before. In addition, vaccination offers the greatest protection against severe illness and death, and we implore everyone 12 years and older to get their vaccinations are up to date including their boosters. COVID is not gone, but we are learning to live with it, and vaccination is one of those ways we can live with it safely”.