The Manenberg Community Policing Forum says it wants to meet with gang bosses to negotiate a ceasefire.

At least three people were killed, and several others injured, in gang-related shootings over the past two days.

There was an uptick in gunfire since Wednesday, and The CPF’s Vanessa Adriaanse says gangs seem to be fighting over turf.

“We do know that it’s gang-affiliated… and we believe that’s over turf. But honestly now, our people has been killed by the second.”

Two of the shooting incidents took place in Peta Court and Renoster Road on Wednesday evening, and a third happened near Downville Primary School in Manenberg, on Thursday morning.

A 13-year-old is said to be among those killed, and an elderly woman among those injured – all of which is during the first week of observing 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women And Children.

Adriaanse says the community is back to a point of fearing for their lives.

She says the CPF’s not only calling on community leaders to unite against the senseless killings, but it’s calling on the gangs as well.

“We are attempting to go out and speak to these gang bosses and see how we can have them come to the table. By telling them and showing them that their families lives in this community, their kids goes to school in this community, its their people that’s in this community.”

The police’s Wesley Twigg says SAPS and other Law Enforcement agencies have been deployed to the scene to restore law and order, while the search for the suspects continues.

Police have yet to confirm any arrests in connection with the shootings.