The Gugulethu Community Policing Forum in Cape Town says it wants the township to be prioritised in terms of fighting crime.

This follows the death of several people, including two minors, in Gugulethu last week.

Two children aged one and eight years old, were caught in alleged gang crossfire on Monday.

The police believe that the victims were playing outside when unknown men started shooting at each other.

They were later declared dead at the hospital.

Still, in the same township, three other victims were gunned down in Malunga Street on Sunday.

The forum’s Linda Khabeni says the community is still shocked by this tragic incident.

“It has left the community in a state of paralysis in terms of crime. There’ve been numerous efforts that the Minister of Police Bheki Cele had committee himself to. We have received cops here, but this persists. So it actually means that the community must stand up to criminals”.

Kabeni adds that all the efforts to deploy more policing resources in the area, have brought no change to their community.

“We were under siege because prior to that there were several murders that had occurred in Gugulethu. We have appealed for police visibility because we believe that once people see police vans, it is a much better effort for our people.  As a CPF, we had to call authorities to bring more police to Gugulethu. But, it’s unfortunate despite that this thing continues”.

Picture: Supplied