The DA has met with several organisations in an effort to map a way forward for the devolution of power to the Western Cape.

This would mean that a number of powers and responsibilities that the national government currently holds would become provincial competencies instead.

The DA and eight other organisations – including Afri-Forum and the Cape Independence Advocacy Group – met last week.

Collectively, they are operating under the title of the Western Cape Devolution Working Group.

Their intention is to drive political and legal support for the principle of devolving power from the national to provincial level.

According to DA Federal Chairperson, Helen Zille, it’s all about ensuring that people are “governed properly”.

“In places where people vote for opposition parties, they are entitled to have better services. Therefore, those authorities need to be empowered to deliver those services. We are starting with policing in the Western Cape, but also electricity generation and reticulation are definitely high on our list. And the restoration of rail services.”