The Western Cape Government is still responding to range of flood-related crises.

On Wednesday, the province gave an update on the mopping up operations so far.

Environmental Affairs and Development Planning MEC Anton Bredell gave feedback from a disaster management meeting.

He says better weather is expected.

” We expect the better the weather for the rest of this week and we grateful for that. On Friday, another cold will make landfall, but a very weak one. As it stands 1 to 2 mm of rain for Saturday, that is something not to worry about.

Bredell says water tankers have also been sent to the Overberg and Overstrand areas.

“The areas that still affected are Overberg and Overstrand areas. We got two water tankers from George, one from Mossel Bay and one from Drakenstein to support those municipalities. Their main water supply has been washed away. So they are struggling, and they ask people to use water sparingly during this even rainy period”.

Meanwhile, Agriculture MEC Ivan Meyer says his department will be assisting Western Cape farmers to assess the extent of damage caused by storm on the sector.

The preliminary result indicated that a number of farmers had been impacted by the weekend’s extreme weather conditions.

This sector is still reeling from June’s floods and it faced a massive disaster following the devastating inclement weather.

The cost of damage for that period was estimated at hundreds of millions of Rand.

Meyer says his department has already sent teams to farming communities across the province.

” We are in communication with our various farmer groups through organised agriculture, water users associations, irrigation boards and farmers. The flooding has affected many agricultural regions in the Western Cape and it will take us sometime to complete the flood verification process to determine the full extent of the damages”.