The Golden Arrow Bus Company has rejected claims that it’s illegally operating on the highly contested B97 route.

Taxi mother body, Santaco says the bus company does not have licences to run its services between Bellville and Paarl.

Santaco also warned that this could destabilise the area again.

The disputed route was re-opened to the taxi industry in December 2022, after it was closed due to ongoing violence.

Golden Arrow says it’s stopped operating on that route since the return of the taxis.

But Spokesperson Bronwen Dyke-Beyer says they’re servicing a separate route from Cape Town to Wellington.

“Whilst we no longer operate the B97 route, we do operate a separate Wellington to City service which we introduced in December 2020, for which we have all the requisite permissions and operating permits. We will not cease operating on this route as a result of bullying and false information”.

Meanwhile, earlier this month the Western Cape Transport Department said it is planning to meet Satanco and the Golden Arrow Bus Company over the matter.

Spokesperson, Jandre Bakker says the goal is to ensure that the safety of commuters isn’t compromised.

“We appeal to all parties to respect the law and to operate within the confines of their operating license conditions and not to take the law into their own hands if they feel aggrieved in any way. The department’s primary goal is to ensure that the safety of commuters is never compromised and we encourage operators to talk to us or to local enforcement authorities if they are aware of any illegal operations”.