National Transport Minister Sindi Chikunga says she hopes the second and last phase of the Central Line recovery, will be concluded during the current financial year.

This phase contains work still needing to be done on the section of the railway, which includes trains operating in Khayelitsha, Mitchells Plain and Phillipi.

It was scheduled to have been concluded in December 2022.

On Tuesday, she officially reintroduced the trains from Nyanga to Cape Town.

Out of the R1.2 billion set aside for Central Line, the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa has already spent around R600 million to get the service between Nyanga and Cape Town up and running.

Chikunga concedes that they might not meet next year’s deadline.

“The recovery of these lines will take longer because of the illegal occupation on the sections and the extensive damage to infrastructure. However, we are determined to ensure that we have this work completed by the end of this financial year. We really want to see this happening”.