Police detectives in Cape Town are dealing with another mass shooting in Khayelitsha.

Five people were wounded by gunfire in Site B, on Tuesday evening.

Khayelitsha has been plagued by attacks on groups like this.

In June, four people were killed by gunmen in a supermarket in Site B.

And in July, three were killed in Site C on the same day a double murder happened in Makhaza.

In this latest incident, a group of people opened fire on the victims on the corners of Cosa and Dika Street.

The police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says the shooters then fled the scene.

“According to reports, the victims were transferred to a nearby medical facility for treatment by private vehicles. The five victims sustain gun shots wounds,  and there were also two victims that were injured whilst running away for a cover.  The unknown suspects fled the scene and are yet to be arrested.  The motive for this shooting incident is currently unknown. The 72 hour Activation Plan has been ordered for the arrest of the suspects”.

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