Work to fix the Central train Line has been interrupted.

In 2019, theft and vandalism resulted in the closure of the railway line, and after some recovery work, parts of the line were reopened last month.

A recent extortion attempt does, however, seem to be hampering further recovery work.

It’s believed gangsters visited the site of the railway line in Bonteheuwel on Monday – attempting to extort workers.

Bonteheuwel ward councillor, Angus Mckenzie, says workers cleared the site after the gangsters insisted they do so.

Discussions were held on Tuesday to map a way forward for continued work on the railway line, and Mckenzie has appealed to the community to assist in finding the perpetrators.

“We will not tolerate extortion on this project neither will we allow the project to halted which has not only been beneficial for the numbers of local people employed but the full functioning of the Central Line service to those who need it most.”