Eskom says Stage 2 load-shedding will be in place from 17h00-22h00 Saturday.

Various parts of the Cape reported load-shedding on Friday night.

Cape Town city officials on Friday afternoon had suggested the City might be able to keep the lights on through peak time after the metro avoided load-shedding during the day.

But they urged everyone to minimises their consumption when they went home.

Despite Eskom imposing Level 1 load-shedding across the country, the Metro was able to avoid daytime outages – according to the City’s Xanthea Limberg, due to spare generation capacity available at the Steenbras pumped storage scheme.

Limberg has warned that the City is “entirely dependent on Eskom informing us of what their generation capacity will be. So, unfortunately, we are at this point unable to provide residents with more detailed information on what to expect.
However we believe that there is a risk that load shedding will continue to be implemented throughout the next week.”

As a result, Limberg’s told residents to prepare for the possibility of power outages.

Part of that is knowing the City’s load-shedding schedule.

This is the link to check when your area might be affected:…/Resi…/Load-shedding-and-outages

Those areas using Eskom power can use this link to find their schedule: