The Ex-Political Prisoners Association (EPPA) is calling on the Robben Island Museum to conduct an audit of all donated artefacts.

This follows claims by the association that some artefacts have gone missing.

The association had donated these historical valuables to the World Historical Site.

But the museum council says the artefacts are safely kept at the Mayibuye Archives Collections at the University of the Western Cape.

The museum council and the EPPA are expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure that the artefacts are protected.

The association’s Mpho Masemola says they won’t allow these valuables to be abandoned.

“The intellectual property rights should be custodian of Robben Island… There are some are some historical, recorded interviews of political prisoners, which relates to the significance of the institution of heritage of Robben Island – that we say should be protected. No one must abuse it”

Masemola adds that they’ve noted plans to commercialise some aspects of Robben Island.

“Robben Island is a place of liberation. Anybody who wants to do business on the Island, should have the political significance that relates [to] the history of suffering and the history of the liberation of Robben Island.”