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By Arthur Pose and Graeme Raubenheimer

The Eden District Municipality says it’s very worried the Kannaland region may be running out of water fast.

The local municipality in the Little Karoo, which includes the towns of Ladismith and Calitzdorp, is believed to have only five days left before their water supply runs out.

The water in the area is supplied by boreholes, and this week only seven of the 14 boreholes were operational.

Eden Disaster Management’s Gerhard Otto says locals will have to cut down their water usage immediately.

“The request to the inhabitants of the Ladismith area is to use water very sparingly,” says Otto.

Otto says operations are underway to ensure that the Kannaland area does not run out of water.

“Two emergency meetings [were] held.

Various projects [are] now underway to prevent the town from running dry,” adds Otto.