Two men accused of the 2020 murder of a child from Ocean View are expected to go on trial in the Western Cape High Court on Monday.

In February that year, seven-year-old Emaan Solomons was playing right in front of her family home – when she was caught in a gang crossfire.

Eben Basson and Chivargo Fredericks are believed to have shot at a suspected rival gangster, but they missed their target and hit the child instead.

They were meant to have gone on trial back in April, but a judge had not yet been allocated to the case.

The little girl’s father, Azmir Oosthuizen, says he won’t be happy if there’s yet another delay in proceedings today.

“All we want is justice… It’s like an open wound that hasn’t closed yet, it just keeps on opening and reopening.”

He says the ongoing setbacks in the case have hampered their ability to heal.

His daughter is not the only child to have died as a result of gang violence in Ocean View over the years.

Zahnia Woodward, a six-month-old baby, was struck by a stray bullet while she was held by her father in 2016.

In September the following year, nine-year-old Aqeel Davids, was shot and killed in a gang attack.


Image: Western Cape Government