The Economic Freedom Fighters in the Western Cape says it will keep a close eye on the case of a man accused of killing 13-year-old Jerobeijin van Wyk from Klawer.

The party was present at the local magistrate’s court on Tuesday, when Daniel Smit was referred for mental observation.

Smit will undergo 30-days-observation at the Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital in Cape Town.

A psychologist recommended him, to determine the nature and cause of the crime he committed.

Jerobejin’s remains were found in a drain on Smit’s property in February 2022.

He’s also facing charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, and defeating the administration of justice.

Smit will return to the court on the 23rd of May.

The EFF’s Melikhaya Xego says they want the suspect to be held accountable for the murder..

“We have noted additional allegations that the suspect had targeted many children in the area. The police need to conduct thorough investigation. We hope that justice will be served here”.