The EFF in the Western Cape has labelled Operation Dudula’s recent actions as callous and misguided.

Members of Operation Dudula in Cape Town embarked on a march earlier this week.

They claim it was fueled by a demand for South African teachers and learners to be “put first” in the education system — suggesting that foreign nationals are taking opportunities away from South Africans.

The provincial education department has refuted claims that foreign national learners or teachers are being prioritised.

The EFF’s Wandile Kasibe says the group is trying to score political points by targeting vulnerable people.

“This misguided and discombobulated group of people use genuine concerns of high rate of unemployment in the Western Cape to perpetuate both xenophobia and Afrophobia among the residents of the Western Cape. We implore the residents of the province to resist the temptation to place blame of unemployment on Africans from other African countries when the real problem is structural inequality.”

The WCED says Operation Dudula is manufacturing a fake crisis.

According to MEC David Maynier, 31 foreign nationals make up the more than 33-thousand teachers employed.

Similarly, of the more than a million pupils in Western Cape schools, just under a thousand are foreign nationals.