The recent fuel price hikes are one of many concerns raised by a group of e-hailing drivers.

The group met on Friday to discuss various grievances.

These include Cape Town’s new traffic by-laws and salary-related issues with e-hailing companies.

The City’s by-laws include a much wider range of reasons to impound vehicles.

It would grant City officials the chance to impound vehicles that are not parked in a demarcated area or impound one where a motorist is seen operating a cellphone.

Two things that e-hailing drivers often do to earn their living.

One driver who wants to be known only as “Junior” says these by-laws will make it hard to earn a living.

“We need these jobs. You’re [City of Cape Town] not even creating jobs for us… but you’re creating a hindrances. We don’t carry guns, we are not gangsters. You see us, you see that we are responsible, but you’re making it difficult for us”